Charing Cross Cat Clinic Closure Information

  • By this time, your cat’s medical file has hopefully been transferred to a new veterinary provider.
  • Looking for another Certified Cat Friendly Practice?  The Village Cat Clinic in Ancaster, Ontario is certified as a GOLD standard Cat Friendly Practice and is owned by a board certified feline specialist.
  • When you have found a new veterinarian and need your cat’s file transferred to a specific clinic you or your new veterinarian are welcome to email the request for your cat’s medical file to Information provided about upcoming appointment times and dates will help us to transfer the file in a timely manner.  This transfer request may take 7 business days to complete so be sure to advise your new veterinarian and make the request as soon as possible!
  • According to guidelines set forth by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, medical records for patients that have been actively cared for at the clinic in the last 5 years (August 2015 to present) have been retained and will be available for digital transfer until August 28, 2022. Following this date, the files will no longer be available.
  • In accordance with the regulations set forth by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, veterinary clinics are required to maintain medical records for a period of 5 years.  If your cat has not been seen at the clinic since August 28, 2015 or earlier, there will not be any medical records available to transfer.  Please do not submit a request.