Frequently asked questions during COVID-19 Pandemic

I heard a cat tested positive in Belgium, can you tell me more?

  • There has been a recent  and first documented case of feline COVID-19 infection.  A cat owned by a person in Belgium tested positive for the virus. Indications currently suggest this cat was infected by its owner, not the other way around. The cat developed gastrointestinal and respiratoryproblems, but is currently recovering. The virus was found in this cat’s feces.
  • While this information might seem frightening, please remember: There is currently no definitive evidence that either cats or dogs can transmit COVID-19 to humans.

Information courtesy of our friends at the Cornell Feline Health Centre

My Cat is Sick!!!  What Can I DO???

IF your cat has is sick or has emergency medical needs, please do not avoid seeking medical care for your cat.  Call EARLY in the day!  Take advantage of our free day admissions by calling us before 11 am to arrange your cat’s visit.   Your cat will be cared for in our Gold Standard Cat Friendly facility, and the doctor will call you with updates and to discuss your cats care with you directly.

My cat needs a rabies vaccine.  Can the doctor still see her?

If your cat has routine medical care scheduled, we are offering you options to continue to pursue that care.  Preventive care is still critical to keeping our cats healthy, so we want to ensure that your cat does not miss out during these crazy times!   We are currently virtual appointments between client and doctor.  You cat enters the practice and is examined and assessed by the doctor, while you wait in the comfort of your vehicle.  During the appointment, Dr. St. Denis will speak with you over the phone or by face time if preferred!  You choose!

At all times your cat should be placed securely in a cat carrier.  Please call us for advice if you have had difficulties with this in the past or you are anticipating difficulties.  If your cat previously did not travel in a carrier, now is the time to use one!

Cat Carrier Tips

What do we know about COVID-19 and cats?

For more information on COVID-19 and pets, please visit The Cat Hospitals of Ottawa website here:

How much does it cost to leave my cat, since the hospital is on lockdown?

For the foreseeable future, we have waived our day admission fee of $45 (hospital bed and day care fee) in order to ease the burden on you, the caregiver. A day admission involves verbally consenting to  leave your cat with us, including an estimate for proposed care.   We no longer require your signature, due to infection risks, but are able to explain treatment plans and estimate to you and obtain your verbal consent.  We will house your cat in a comfortable hospital unit complete with food, water, blankets (lots!), litter box, and cat nips toys as appropriate.  Communication with our staff and the veterinarian about your cat’s history, the medical concerns and anything else that is pertinent to your cat’s care will be by telephone only, thus reducing exposure risks further. Your cat gets the same great care, and you get to worry less!!!!

Are you going to run out of food or medicine for my cat?

We have been receiving and continue to receive regular shipments of supplies from our veterinary supply company.  We are assured by our suppliers that supplies are available, and at this time, no shortages are foreseen.  If you have questions about your cat’s specific food or meds, please give us a call or email.  Note that as the demand from clients has increased, we have been limiting purchases in some situations, in order to ensure that ALL of our clients get food or medicine for their cat,   We appreciate your patience at this time, as we strive to ensure everybody is fed and medicated!

How can I pay if you won’t let me in the building?

If possible, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to process your credit card payment over the phone.  If you do not have a credit card, or would prefer to pay by debit, we will have you enter the building and follow 2 metre social distancing at the reception counter.  While we strongly prefer not to accept cash payment, we will not refuse your payment in cash.  Thank you so much for your patience!!!