Following the closure of the Charing Cross Cat Clinic, we have a number of well-cared for veterinary items available for sale including equipment.  We took immaculate care of everything in our clinic over the 13 years that we were open.  Some of these items have been with us since day 1, others were purchased in more recent years.

Enquiries should be directed to  Shipping of smaller items (<20 lb) within Canada is available with shipping fees being applied to the purchase price.  Larger items to be sold within Ontario only due to geographical limitations, and depending on location shipping or delivery may be available at a mutually agreed upon time and day.  Additional fees for delivery or shipping may apply.  In some cases, I may be able to deliver the item personally directly to your door.

Payment method: credit card/debit is not available; payment by certified cheque or e-transfer only.  In cases of items less than $500 +HST, cheques will be accepted.

AFP Imaging Image-Vet 70ACP Dental Radiography Unit SOLD

Make: AFP Imaging

Model: IMAGE-Vet 70 ACP

Description: Dental and Paw radiographs

Approximate Age: 13 years

Imperfections: None.  This product was impeccably maintained during it years in use.

Shipping: By delivery or pick up only.  Shipping is not available.

Price: $1500 CAD + HST

Scan X Quantum Digital Radiography System SOLD

MAKE All Pro imaging
Model Scan X Quantum MODEL D5000-Q
Instruction manual available here
Includes 2 8×10 plates; 2 Size 0 plates; 4 Size 2 plates; 2 Size 4 plates and related attachments for Scan-X Metron
DETAILS: Size 0, 2 and 4 Phosphor Plates (PSPs) are paper thin, flexible, and wireless and can be reused thousands of times
ScanX PSPs are wireless, flexible and 30 times thinner than direct wired sensors
The entire PSP surface area is active which means you capture nearly 40% more anatomy than the comparable sized wired sensor
Damage: Envelope for one of 8×10 plates has corner broken off (Image 11). This does not impact function.
Computer & software not included
AGE: 12 years
PRICE: $13500 CAD + HST
SHIPPING: available within Canada; US enquiries please advise

Anesthetic Machine with Manometer SOLD

MAKE: Moduflex


DESCRIPTION: Well cared for, annually-serviced anesthetic machine with isoflurane vaporizer. Includes Manometer as shown in photo. Machine was purchased new 13 years ago and as noted, has been kept in excellent repair for the duration of that time. Manometer is approximately 5 years old.

PRICE: $2500 CAD + HST

SHIPPING/DELIVERY: in Canada only, to be determined.

Treatment Sink & Table COMPACT SOLD

Updated November 17, 2021. THIS ITEM IS SOLD. Rare find! Short 4 foot long treatment sink with coated metal support rack, cupboards and drawers. Some damage/staining inside bottom of cupboard due to cleaners being stored here over the years, otherwise is in great condition! Taps including extendable spray tap included! Price $1500. Delivery or pickup only, no shipping available. Measures 36 inches high, 24 inches wide, total length 48 inches, length of sink 41 inches.

X-ray machine Portable or Ceiling Mount  SOLD

Portable or Ceiling Mount Accuray HFJ in impeccable shape for its 13 years. Includes foot pedal, ceiling mount; hand held push button. Shipping, pickup or delivery to be determined; additional fees may apply.

MAKE: AccuRay MODEL: HFJ. AGE: 13 years


X-ray Gloves SOLD

Lead x-ray gloves immaculately cared for. PRICE $100 /pr + HST. Cat hair included at no extra charge. :). Shipping available.

Clark Cage Doors CUSTOM DESIGN

Are you renovating and planning to put in some great cat or dog boarding? Need top quality doors for each unit? This is an excellent opportunity to make use of these custom-made Clark Cage Doors. Designed specifically for upright feline boarding units, with lots of vertical space!  These doors all measure 22 inches x 63.5 inches tall.  All hardwood included. PRICE $100 each + HST. All 4 for $350 CAD + HST

Hardware included